100 Romanian Design Objects
“Oltcit Club” Automobile
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1976 – 1996
Produced at: “Oltcit” Craiova / “Automobile Craiova S.A”
Other models: “Oltcit Special”, “Oltcit Club 12TRS”, “Oltcit Club 12CS”
In 1976 begins the second collaboration between France and Romania, this time with Citroën – after “Dacia” started to produce cars under Renault license. This is how Oltcit was born – a smaller and more economical car and the second Romanian automobiles brand. In 1991 the plant name changes to “Automobile Craiova S.A”, and the car name becomes “Oltena”. The last model was sold in February 1996; after that, the plant begins to produce “Cielo”, “Tico” and “Matiz” under Daewoo license. In 2008, Ford Europe, division of the Ford Motor Company, takes over the former Oltcit/ Daewoo factory.
The name ”Oltcit” is a combination of words: the production place (Oltenia) and Citroën. All the youngsters dreamed of having one – the modern car with the single-spoke steering wheel, buttons instead of signalling levers, brake discs on all wheels, beside the box, not adjacent to the rim, torsion bars on suspensions and other comfort elements. “Oltcit” has always been seen as the more elegant, stylish and sporty brand than ‘Dacia’.
Object donated by: Lucian Chiricuță
Photo: Cristian Vasile