100 Romanian Design Objects
“Optimef” watch
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1979 – 1990 / 2014 – present
Produced at: ”Fine Mechanics Enterprise” (IMF), Bucharest
Other Models: “Fărăzece” – Gold, Silver, Cooper and Black
Materials: Silicon/leather belt, 40mm dial, Japanese quartz mechanism, „Miyota”, mineral crystal glass
From 1978 until the end of the 90s the “Fine Mechanics Enterprise” was the only Romanian watches manufacturer. In 1979 “Optimef” was launched as the first Romanian watch and was a collaboration between the “Fine Mechanics Enterprise” and the “Romanian Optical Enterprise”. The combined name comes from “Opti” (associated with “optics” and “Optel Corporation”, the American company from which the LCD license has been transferred) and “Mef” (fine mechanics).
The old models were based on three liquid crystal display modules, one with a solar panel and six case variations. For the young generation, the same name “Optimef” is a new, modern design created by two creative minds – Bogdan Costea and Andrei Morariu. “When you show its past, the brand receives more consistency.” We did not want to rebuild it, but to re-born it, not necessarily “Optimef”, but what “Optimef” represented. “Ceausescu did not want it, for him it was the ugliest watch in the world. That’s why it got my attention” added Morariu.
Object donated by: “Optimef” – Bogdan Costea și Andrei Morariu
Photo: Cristian Vasile/ optimef.com