100 Romanian Design Objects
”OREX” Watch
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 1980 ~ 1990
Produced at: ”Fine Mechanics Enterprise” (IMF), Bucharest
Other Models: ”Cromef”, ”Orex”, ”Clasic”
Materials: Case, telescopic bars, caliber blocking ring, metallic lid
From 1978 until the end of the 90s the “Fine Mechanics Company” was the only Romanian watches manufacturer. The name “OREX” was derived from “ORa EXacta”. Mechanical and quartz watches with analog display were produced. The production was encouraged by the working visit of Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1978, when it was decided to start the activities. The first 50,000 watches were delivered in December 1985.
At the beginning components of Chinese mechanisms “Sea Gull” with 19 rubies were used, assembled in Romania. For the mechanisms of 17 rubies the supplier was “Shanghai Zuanshi (Diamond) Watch Factory”. The other parts, the crown, the dial, the case, were produced in house. Between 1990 and 1996, sales went down dramatically, so the brand created new models with 21 and 26 rubies. The supplier of the mechanisms was “Second Moscow Watch Factory” URSS. For the quartz versions, a series of “Miyota-Citizen” mechanisms has been launched. In 2012, “Rolex” sued the Orex trademark, aiming to stop the usage of that name in the future, and after a long trial, they won.
Photo: ebay.co.uk