100 Romanian Design Objects
”DO-RE-MI” Electronic Organ
Category: Musical Instruments
Production period: late 1980s
Produced at: prototype
Materials: wood, plastic, metal
There are not many things known about the ”DO-RE-MI” organ. It was bought from a ”virtual” flea market and then reconditioned by a group of passionate music lovers. Its origins are still unknown but we can estimate it was produced in the late ‘80s.
The case was made manually and it belonged, most probably, to a computer produced in Romania during communist times. On the exterior of the object we can read the name and a few instructions for use – we can tell it is a special prototype according to the instructions of the assembling parts. Even though it was not produced in series, this product is truly relevant for a certain type of creativity that represented Romanian design and technology, particularly in the communist times, when the lack of materials was a general rule.
Collection: Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici personal collection
Borrowed by: Sașa-Liviu Stoianovici
Photo: Cristian Vasile