100 Romanian Design Objects
“Pegas” Bicycle
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1972-1989; 2012 – present
Produced at: “Tohan Mechanical Factory”, Zărnești / now – assembled in Taiwan
Other models: “Urban”, “Fatbike”, “Cruiser”, electric bikes
Materials: Aluminum / hi-ten steel frame, aluminum wheels
Founded in 1938, the factory produced weaponry as part of the industrial group “Malaxa”. During the communist era, it produced 17,000 bicycles per month. “Pegas” has been the childhood bike for several generations and, from a quality point of view, there are many second hand bikes which, after reconditioning, are still functional after 20-40 year. It was a “healthy” bicycle, many of them being produced for export. Bicycles are no longer produced in Zărneşti and the plant has been reorganized since 2001, as a trading company controlled by “Romarm”.
The new “Pegas” is based on several ideas that resulted from a team documenting process. It starts from the question “How would a Pegas model look like in 2012 if the production wouldn’t have been interrupted?”. The latest model made at Zarnesti was a pink BMX, but technology and the public’s expectations evolve. Thus, the new models are the result of an independent project that brought the old brand to life in a new form.
Object donated by: Pegas
Photo: bicicletapegas.ro