100 Romanian Design Objects
”Pictor” watercolors
Category: Toys and Objects for Children
Production period: 1972 – present
Produced at: ”The Plastic Fund”, București
Other models: ”CFP Colibri”, ”CFP Godet”
Materials: Pigment, additives, solvent
In 1952, ” The Plastic Fund” was established in Bucharest, an economic unit generating revenues for UAP members. The workshops were placed in 11 different buildings in Bucharest, and they were divided into sculpture workshops (bronze foundry, stone carving etc.), ceramics, textiles, glass, engraving. In 1972 starts the production of colours for painting, with a wide range (oil, tempera, gouache, watercolours etc.), with great success on the international market, being of good quality and at reasonable prices. In 1976 the printing workshops were set up, whereby the contracts with various institutions could be honoured, but also catalogs, posters, leaflets, etc. were produced.
The most wanted watercolours, “Pictor” were produced in 1991 in an amount of 861,181 items. The production value for 1991 was 2.7 times higher than in 1990. The painter’s set contains 12 intense watercolour liners, presented in white plastic boxes with square alveoli.
Photo: Cristian Vasile