100 Romanian Design Objects
”Piticot” Boardgame – A trip to Piticot Country
Category: Toys and Objects for Children
Production period: Starting with 1961
Produced at: ”Polygraphic Enterprise Banat”, Timișoara
Materials: cardboard, plastic
The ”Banat Polygraphic Enterprise” was considered one of the most modern and productive printers in the country. Here were produced the famous games such as “Păcălici”, “Animals from the Continents”, “Don’t be angry, brother!” etc. Currently, the game is marketed under Noriel license.
One of the most popular games in the communist era, “Piticot” has accompanied the childhood of several generations in a row. Designed for pupils aged 6 to 10, “Piticot” follows the classic principles of playing with pawns, dice and obstacles. The main character is Petrică, the boy who, “enchanted by the stories he heard from his grandfather, wants to go to the country of Piticot. He saddles the rabbit Urechilă and off he goes.The dangers show up all the time, but Petrica, clever, knows how to bypass them”. To join Petrica in the adventure, players have to roll the dice and follow the 65 stops course, respecting the directions they have received.
More information:
Object borrowed by: Ionuț Gaman
Photo: Cristian Vasile