100 Romanian Design Objects
“Pluto” Tennis Racket
Category: Sport goods
Period of production: 1980s
Produced at: ”Wood Manufacturing Company”, Reghin
Other models: “Reghin”, “Neptun”, “Jupiter”, “Uranus”, “Junior”
Materials: Wood, textile wire dressed in nylon
During modern times, the small Romanian city of Reghin enjoyed a rapid development, due to numerous wood resources in the area. Because they produced a variety of wood-based products they gained a very important place at the top of Romanian industry. The Reghin factory was founded in 1966 to produce musical instruments, sports accessories and boats, but also timber related products.
Tennis rackets made in the Reghin factories were objects of desire in the 1970s and 80s. Cristian Tudor Popescu said : ”In the beginning I played with Reghin tennis rackets, such as Pluto or Neptune… Reghin was pretty good, a copy after the English models, but Neptune and Pluto, the result of the boom from the early 70s – were basically colored logs. They were heavy, with not follow, parameter, elasticity or balance… The grip was square, you couldn’t hold it properly in your hand. With those rackets, in the state that they were, I played tennis in the school yard”.
Object borrowed by: Timur Ionescu
Photo: Cristian Vasile