100 Romanian Design Objects
”Combina P2 Wallet”
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 2012
Designer: Alexe Popescu
Other models: different colors – Hot-Ice, Cream-Red, Blue-Lime
Materials: front back plastic-coated paper
After graduating from the Polytechnic University – Mechanical Engineering and the University of Fine Arts – Design in Bucharest, Alexe Popescu began a diverse career, oscillating between different design areas: advertising and branding, templates and fanzines, product design and font design, book design and packaging. His journey into product design began in 2007 with the launch of the Graphics & Small Table chair and a series of bags (Rucsac and Minibag) under the Lectura Form brand. He has built his own design (“Combine”), which includes the Cookie Table and the P-2 wallet, both following the same concept: 1 product = 1 material + 1 procedure.
P2 is a very lightweight and compact wallet made of plastic-coated paper, with compartments for ID card, credit cards and European standard banknotes. P2 is hand-made, as origami, without sticking or sewing; and the central fold allows the wallet to be loaded without straining it. P2 has a fast access slot to the medium compartment. After washing the wallet at the washing machine, it remains functional. Worn one month into the pocket, the p-2 logo appears in relief on both sides.
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Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Dizainăr