100 Romanian Design Objects
“Privighetoarea” Radio
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Production period: 1962
Produced at: ”Electronica”, București
Other models: ”S 593 T Solistor”, ”S 616 Carmen”, ”S 611 A Opera” etc.
Materials: Wooden case, other components – plastic and metal
Back in 1960 the ”Radio Popular” factory was turning into ”Electronica” due to a major investment. This is how Romania started to produce TVs on the industrial platform Pipera, in 1961. The factory had an intense – a wide range of home appliances, electronic and industrial products such as TVs, radio players and cassette players were made here. All of these products were exported all over the world.
In 1961 the previous models were refined and other devices were created. In 1962, the “S 623 A Privighetoarea”, with pick-up and three speeds, was a greatly improved model of “Sport”, equipped with telescopic antenna, shortwave range and battery power. The technical name, usually inscribed on the back of the case, reads as follows: S for the superheterodyne radio receiver, 623 for the third model made in 1962, and A for the type of power supply, in this case AC power supply .
Object donated by: Florin Cobuz
Photo: Cristian Vasile