100 Romanian Design Objects
”Puma T7 Etno Shake Jacket” by Lana Dumitru
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Production period: 2013
Designer: Lana Bălana
”Etno Shake” is a Romanian traditional take on the iconic Puma ”T7 Jacket”, a folklore-inspired pattern coming from the old village heritage. After the competition from 2011 that invited Romanian creatives to come with their original design for the iconic Puma T7 (first released in 1969).
Lana’s design received lots of attention and young people wanted to wear the jacket. That’s why PUMA has created a limited edition “PUMA T7 Etno Shake” available exclusively in PUMA Stores and Lana became the first Romanian artist to collaborate with the well-known brand.
Photo: Dani Ioniță
Object selected by: GLAMOUR Romania