100 Romanian Design Objects
”Radio România” Magazine (1942, no.92)
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production year: 1942
Produced at: Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation
The Romanian radio began in 1908 by installing a radiotelegraphy station in Constanța, belonging to the Romanian Maritime Service. The following year the military navy installed three stations in Călăraşi, Giurgiu and Cernavodă. In 1912, due to the total interruption of telephone and wireline telephony, Romania was in danger of not communicating with its allies.
On November 1, 1928, the first radio signal and the first official radio broadcast was launched in the ether, which began with the word of the great Romanian physicist Dragomir Hurmuzescu.
In 1941, on January 5, the Radio Romania Society appeared in the Romanian Broadcasting Society. It was a TV-style magazine. It contained detailed programs and news of that time, anecdotes, jokes, technical details, small scenarios, etc. ”RADOR” agency was founded in 1990. The editorial staff monitors information in Romanian and in 15 foreign languages: 57 radio and TV stations, as well as 150 newspapers from all continents.
Photo: Cristian Vasile