100 Romanian Design Objects
“Romanian Archaic” Font
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production period: documented by Gusztav Cseh – 1973 / Florin Florea – 2017
Other models: “Brâncovenesc Archaic”, “Arnota Archaic”, “Geo Archaic”
The types of letters of Cyrillic and Slavonic origin, used in the old Romanian writing, in Romanian manuscripts and prints, were studied and documented by Gusztav Cseh in his book “Written”. The “Romanian Archaic” font has a decorative character. Letters are ideal for short texts, mainly titles and not for text field use. The font is suitable for works that refer to Orthodox religion, historical writings, or related to Romanian culture and tradition.
A re-cast of the characters is made by Florin Florea, graphic designer from Cluj Napoca and a graduate of the University of Art and Design. In 2017 at the “International Book and Calligraphy Camp” in Bata, it was necessary to recreate a Romanian text with specific letters. There were 3 sets: the first set called “High Romanian Archaic”, the second, “Bicolored Romanian Archaic”, and the third set is mostly a calligraphy of the “Arnota Archaic” font. The result is 103 defined characters and 97 unique glyphs.
Photo: scribd.com