100 Romanian Design Objects
Rubber dolls
Category: Toys and Objects for Children
Object : Rubber dolls
Period of production: 1980s
Produced at: “Arădeanca” factory, Arad
Other models: “Larisa”, “Cătălina”, “Prichidel”, “Negresa” etc
Materials: rubber, hair made from nylon
“Arădeanca” factory, founded in 1949, was the largest toy factory in the country. Besides toys, here were also produced medals, badges and sport cups. We don’t think there is a kid from communist Romania that doesn`t remember the famous toys that had the slogan – ”A spring of joy for the young ones, a moment of meditation for the elders”. The most faimous model was that of Nadia Comăneci, that was distributed both in Romania as well as internationally, after Nadia received ”the perfect 10” at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. The model was relaunched in 2010 in a limited edition and had as an accesory the golden medal worn around its neck.
The rubber models, with painted eyes and large head, represented different characters, both male and female – the toys were costumed as chimney sweepers, sailors, etc. and became very loved by the boys and girls of those times.
More information:
Object donated by: Andra Giuglea
Photo: Cristian Vasile