100 Romanian Design Objects
Sewing machine ”Casnica Super”
Category: Homeware Products
Period of production: 1955
Produced at: “Cugir Mechanical Factory” (UM Cugir)
Other models: Sewing machines “Casnica“, “Ileana”, ”Sanda”, ”Iris”, ”Veronica”, “Nicoleta”
Material: Metallic body embedded in a wooden table with treadle
The history of Cugir Mechanical Factory dates back to 1799, when the steel manufacturing workshops were founded in Cugir by the Austro-Hungarian authorities. The quality of the steel produced here was appreciated both inside and outside the Austro-Hungarian Empire borders. Besides sewing machines, washing machines and general tools, the factory has been producing military equipment – especially during the second World War. Today Cugir manufactures different products for NATO.
In 1946 Cugir introduced the first industrial sewing machines, and two years later, started producing sewing machines for domestic use. ”Casnica Super” is the second model produced by the factory and it included a working table with two drawers, mechanical command with treadle and belt as well as a cast iron casing. The most common model was the black one, but there were also green colored machines.
Object donated by: Ion Cojocaru
Photo: Cristian Vasile