100 Romanian Design Objects
“/” (Slash) Lamp
Category: Furniture and lighting
Production period: 2014
Produced by: Ubikubi
Designer: Dragoș Motica
Other models: concrete in colors white, red, blue, grey, yellow
Materials: concrete, beech plywood, cork
Dragoş Motica founded Dragoş Motica Studio in 2008 and then UBIKUBI in 2018, alongside with Robert Savu. Ubikubi has articulated itself as a brand validated by international market, with the “/” lamp and the Marco series of chairs. All objects are drawn and tested in-house and developed using sustainable materials and technology.
Slash is a versatile lighting body, whose charm is based on the user’s personal relationship. With the lamp, (s)he receives a kit that invites the user to intervene on the concrete lampshade, depending on the desired appearance and light. Slash is therefore the concrete lamp designed to be broken. An idea, if not surprising, at least very fresh! It is a good interior fitting, remarkable in public and domestic spaces that use materials inspired by industrial scenarios: concrete, reinforcement wire, climbing rope, high voltage wires. Designer Dragoş Motica was rewarded with the Golden A ‘Design Award for this object.
More information:
Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Ubikubi