100 Romanian Design Objects
Slide Projector “Diascol”
Category: Engineering Design
Period of production: 1975
Produced at: “Romanian Optical Enterprise” I.O.R., București
Materials: Metal housing, glass lenses.
I.O.R was founded in 1936, being the only Romanian company with a tradition in designing opto-mechanical equipment. In 1941, it is militarized and focuses mainly on army products – binoculars, telescopes, telemeters, etc. After 1949 the first spectacle lenses were produced, in 1951 the first educational microscope , and in 1954 the first camera. After 1959, more attention is given to the medical field and the first products for ophthalmology appear, as is the production of cinema projection equipment. In 1960, I.O.R. produces the first binocular laboratory microscope, in 1961 the first dental unit, in 1962 the first research microscope, and in 1967 begins to produce photo lenses.
Those who had a “Diascol” slide projector probably remember the magical stories but also the fact that it was very hot when it was on. It has both options of playing either filmstrips or photo slides and a spare lamp. Although all the mechanisms are manually operated, it has a friendly and easy to use design.
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Photo: Cristian Vasile