100 Romanian Design Objects
“Soleta F” automobile
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period : 1973
Designer: Justin Capră
Other models: “Sarmis”, “Oblio” hibrid, “Virgilius”
Justin Capră was born in 1933 in Măgureni, Prahova. He recalls being a curious child, building toy tractors, planes and other moving objects, instead of playing with the other kids. In 1955, he built the two-wheeled “Virgilius”, the first ever homologated invention. Equipped with a 105 hp engine, weighing 250 kg, the vehicle would reach 300 km/hour. It was made out of cheap materials and had low fuel consumption. In 1965 he built the ‘Doina’ series of automobiles, named after his daughter.
“Soleta F” is one of the cars invented by Justin Capră, thus named for its closeness to the ground. The smallest car in the world had a low fuel consumption and it was driven throughout Romania. He has created several prototypes of the model, different from each other by weight, maximum speed and petrol consumption per hundred kilometers.
Photo: momenteistorice.ro