100 Romanian Design Objects
”Cactus” citrus juicer
Category: Household items
Production period: 2017
Produced by: Ubikubi
Designer: Alexandru Ioniță
Other models: black, blue, beige, pink, green
Materials: porcelain
Alexandru Ionita’s design approach addresses contemporary and flexible ideas that work in a dynamic society. His products are intuitive, with no redundant aesthetic details, and fit perfectly into the environment.
”Cactus” is a hand citrus juicer made of porcelain consisting of 2 detachable components. Its shape recalls that of a cactus, a particularly effective plant in “squeezing” and preserving the last traces of humidity in the arid areas it inhabits. Cactus was modeled by designer Alexandru Ionita to function as a whole but consists of two parts that can also be used separately. The upper part has the role of squeezing the fruit, while the ceramic glass is used to pour the juice or to drink directly from it.
More info:
Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Ubikubi