100 Romanian Design Objects
The Magazine „Realitatea Ilustrată”
Category: Graphic design and advertising
Production period: 1927-1946
Produced at: Trustul „Adevărul”, Cluj / București
Materials: Paper
The magazine ”Realitatea Ilustrată” (The Illustrated Reality) was one of the most popular periodical of the interwar period. Founded in 1927 in Cluj, the magazine originally appeared with the subtitle “or things as we see them with our eyes”. A year later, the editorial moves to Bucharest and has an uninterrupted weekly appearance until 1946. Part of the ”Adevărul” trust, the printing office functioned in the ”Universul” building on C.Mille Street.
Some of the most well-known and respected journalists, photo reporters and illustrators of that time have published in this journal, addressing diverse topics, from local and international news to curiosities, opinion articles or incentives for a healthy life. In 1929, the magazine organises the first miss competition in the country, won by Magda Demetrescu out of 2500 participants. The exhibited magazine dates from May 1933, under the directorship of Nic Constantin. The issues dating from 1927 to 1938 can be entirely read on the Digital Library of Bucharest website.
More information:
Object borrowed by: Iris Șerban
Photo: Cristian Vasile