100 Romanian Design Objects
The ”schileresc” costume
Category: Clothing design and accessories
Object: The “schileresc” costume
Production period: ¼ sec XX
Produced by: Dinică Schileru (1846-1919)
Materials: textile
The story of the ”schileresc” traditional costume is a unique and representative example of how urban design and traditional folk clothing have co-existed and influenced each other over the decades. The name of the costume comes from Dinică Schileru, farmer peasant, tailor, prosperous merchant and later on deputy of Gorj County. Famous in the region and respected for his political views, Schileru was a special appearance on the modern scene of the time: at every attendance – in parliament or at the restaurant – he was wearing his traditional clothing. His costume was a personal creation, inspired by the Oltenia folk costume and accompanied by very rich ornaments of Ottoman influence.
Both admired and envied, Schileru managed to give rise to a true fashion trend: his original model, made in his own workshop, was subsequently mass-produced and worn both in the countryside and in the city, as a sign of high social status. Over time, it became the traditional folk costume in Gorj region.
Object borrowed by: Horațiu Silviu Ilea
Photo: Cristian Vasile