100 Romanian Design Objects
“Thonet” chair
Category: Furniture and lighting
Production period: 1950 – present
Produced at: “Phoenix Bucea” Factory, Cluj
Materials: Curved beech wood
The factory was founded in 1980 and in the first decades, it used to make all kinds of furniture using twigs, which were later exported to Spain, Italy and Austria. During the Second World War, the factory was producing wooden cases to carry ammunition and carriages to transport soldiers. Finally, after the war, the factory started to produce chairs. Since 2010, ”Pheonix Bucea” was bought by a new owner and became a family business. 1% of the products are sold in Romania, while the rest is exported all around the world.
Although Thonet creations are free of copyright nowadays, and a part of the UNESCO patrimony, there are few artisans who manage to manufacture them because it involves a complex work of shaping wood. It takes 30-45 days for ONE chair to be produced! The factory produces several chair models today, including” Thonet” style and many others.