100 Romanian Design Objects
“Topaz”, Skis Reghin
Category: Sport goods
Period of production: 1960 – present
Produced at: ”Wood Manufacturing Company”, Reghin
Other models: “Rubin”, “Pitic”, “Combi R” etc.
Materials: Wood (old model) / Glass fiber, foam, graphite (new edition)
During modern times, the small Romanian city of Reghin enjoyed a rapid development, due to numerous wood resources in the area. Because they produced a variety of wood-based products they gained a very important place at the top of Romanian industry. The Reghin factory was founded in 1966 to produce musical instruments, sports accessories and boats, but also timber related products.
Reghin skis used to be very popular. Nowadays, two young entrepreneurs, Sebastian Big and Ionuț Pașiu, have embarked on a journey of bringing this product back to life for the new Romanian consumers. “From what we know, the Reghin skis were out on the market in the ‘30s, and it’s still a work in progress to discover all the history”, says Sebastian. The two entrepreneurs want to bring a tribute to the old Reghin products, while adding a new twist on the local sports equipment market.
Object donated by: „SC Reghin Sport SRL”