100 Romanian Design Objects
Toy Tram ”Agatex”, A-119
Category: Toys and Objects for Children
Production period: 1966
Produced at: ”Agatex Toys Factory”, Timișoara
Other models: A-119, A-231 different colours
Materials: metal, rubber
”Agatex” metal tram was a very popular toy in Romania during 1960-1980. The first model, made in 1966, was a copy of a real tram from the streets of Timișoara. This toy turned out to be quite dangerous for toddlers and infants and starting from 1979, the factory launched an improved version: the windows were closed and covered with coloured portraits, the metal pieces were replaced by plastic ones. Nevertheless, the quality of the toy was diminished along the years due to general lack of materials during communist times.
At the begging of the ‘90s the toy was still available in Romanian shops. Nowadays, the company doesn’t produce toys anymore – only wooden pieces and equipment.
The tram in the collection is the first model launched on the market – A-119.
More information:
Object borrowed by: Muzeul Jucăriilor
Photo: Cristian Vasile