100 Romanian Design Objects
Tractor „IAR 22”
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1946 – 1949
Produced at: “Tractorul Brașov” Plant (UTB)
Other models: U650, U445, S-1300, S-1500, A-1800, A-360
The Brasov Company was established in 1925 as “IAR Braşov” aircraft factory. In 1946, after the arrival of the Russian authorities in Brașov, which seized a large part of the equipment as war compensation, the production was oriented towards tractors production. In 1948 the factory was named “Uzina Tractorul Braşov” and, starting from 1960, the first models with 100% Romanian design, along those with Fiat engines, entered the market. In 1990, 50.000 tractors were produced annually. After many administrative changes and privatization attempts, the plant has been closed since 2007.
“IAR 22” is the first model, produced since 1946. It was a copy of the “Hanomag R 40”. The weight of the machine was 3.4 tons, it was equipped with 38-hp Diesel engines with a traction force of 1.225 Kgf. “IAR 22” was an universal tractor that can be used as an agricultural tractor by mounting special metal wheels for this purpose and as a tractor trailer by adapting tires wheels. There were many tractor models, among which the most successful was “U-650”.
Photo: auto-bild.ro