100 Romanian Design Objects
”TV1” Bus
Category: Auto and Transportation Design
Production period: 1956 – 1960
Produced at: ”Rocar” București (“Bucharest Bus Factory”)
Other models: TV2, TV20, ROMAN 112UD, DAC 112UD, DAC 117UD, ROCAR 312U etc.
The “Tudor Vladimirescu” company, later named “Bucharest Bus Factory”, took over the production of “Vulcan” type buses, manufactured by the factory of the same name. “Rocar” Bucharest is the name adopted after 1993, as successor of the former companies. The range will include trolleys, minibuses, ambulances, small trucks. The first models produced at “Tudor Vladimirescu” were named “T.V” – the initials of the factory – and later “Rocar” (Romanian Car). In 1972, a range of buses based on the “MAN” models were produced, developed in the coming years by expanding the range of public transport vehicles. The production becomes specialized and the “Roman” diesel engine buses are launched on the market, followed by the buses and trolleybuses “DAC”, in 1980.
The construction of buses started in 1956, with the production of the first bus “TV1”. The bus was bordered on the truck’s “SR 101” chassis and had an average capacity of 69 passengers, of which 26 seated. The bus was presented two years earlier at international fairs as the first bus with Romanian conception and manufacture.
Photo: ratt.ro