100 Romanian Design Objects
”You’ve got flowers” Vase
Category: Homeware Products
Production period: 2015
Production: Ubikubi
Designer: Ruxandra Sacaliș
Other models: 3 sizes, available in white, gray, beige, pink
Materials: ceramics
Ruxandra Sacaliş finds her inspiration in the Romanian folklore, which she manages to translate into discrete contemporary objects. Focused on natural materials, the designer creates objects that are both useful in everyday life and accumulate stories with the passing of time.
Through YOU’VE GOT FLOWERS!, Ruxandra Sacaliş reimagines the traditional mailbox as a flower vase. The aim is to provoke the way people communicate their messages and feelings in the modern world, when the traditional mailbox has been replaced with the virtual inbox. YOU’VE GOT FLOWERS! offers a contemporary and simple way to communicate a classic message. The particular element of the vases is the double display option: on vertical surfaces – like a mailbox, or on a flat surface.
Object selected by: Dizainăr
Photo: Ubikubi