100 Romanian Design Objects
”Vitrometan” laboratory glass bottle
Category: Homeware Products
Period of production: 1940s
Produced at: ”Vitrometan” Factory, Mediaș
Materials: glass
The ”Vitrometan” factory was established in 1923 in Mediaș, one of the first cities in the country equipped with methane gas, essential for the glass production. The stockholders were beer and wine manufacturers based in Bucharest and Mediaș (most of them, part of the Bragadiru family from the capital city), and the initial workforce consisted mainly of Polish workers. After the nationalization, the factory undergoes an intense expansion process, the production designed for the exportation is developing, and in 1972 the crystal production is started. The local pride is the famous chandeliers in the People’s House, made at Vitrometan in the 1980s. The bottle exhibited most likely dates back from the interwar period.
“I’m a glass blower. In glassware, the first thing you do is the „bladder”, not the final product. It is a blowing pipe on which a bubble is made, the glass is formed, and then the finished product is obtained.” (Nicolae Câmpean, production manager at Vitrometan Factory)
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Photo: Cristian Vasile