100 Romanian Design Objects
“Zefir” Hairdryer
Category: Domestic and electronic appliances
Production period: 1977
Produced at: „Electroargeș”, Curtea de Argeș
Other models: „Argis”, „Diana” hairdryers
Materials: Plastic
„Electroargeș” was founded in 1971 and began its actual activity in 1973. The factory was the symbol of Romanian economy until the Revolution, with thousands of employees and a wide range of products. A great deal of its production consisted in vacuum cleaners, and other home appliances: hairdryers, mixers, coffee grinders, fans. The factory is active today but most of the appliances are sold to the German brand „Kaercher”, which sells vacuum cleaners manufactured at Curtea de Argeş under its own brand.
„Electroargeș” hairdryers were very popular in the 80’, as there were not so many options on the market. The ones produced for the export were very high quality, the plastic was resistant to high temperatures and you could choose from a wide range of colors. The hair dryer were not available on the Romanian market, still, people from Curtea de Argeș bought them directly from the factory’s store.
More information:
Object donated by: Ion Cojocaru
Photo: Cristian Vasile